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About Us

At BMG, we use the facilitative and therapeutic approaches to conflict and dispute resolution.

Although we do not provide therapy, we facilitate conflict resolution and dispute resolution using methods that can help preserve your relationship with your co-parent, business partner, landlord/tenant, or coworker. We understand that divorce and lawsuits can often feel like going to war. There are always causalities in war, but in mediation, there doesn’t have to be.

At BMG, we are aware that unnecessary losses in war can end relationships entirely. And that, in some instances, ending unhealthy relationships is not only okay but needful. However, in some other cases, both parties can benefit from learning how to work together to raise children, run a business, or fulfill a contractual obligation. We empower you with the option to maintain needful relationships.

Additionally, mediation offers a pay-as-you-go option to divorce and civil disputes. You pay a flat hourly fee and only pay for the time you use. There is no charge to retain a mediator at BMG.

We welcome you to browse our list of service offerings, and we look forward to serving as your mediator.

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