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Meet Mya - Workplace Mediation

Meet Mya!

Mya has just taken a position at Chamomile Advertising, a workplace that has a high turnover rate. She is aware of the workplace rumors but really needs this job. Two of her co-workers are already giving her negative energy, but she has a baby at home and just moved back in with her parents.

Mya never planned to be raising a child alone, but her relationship was not healthy. Her husband became increasingly verbally and emotionally abusive, and she did not like the person she was becoming. She knew she had to leave. Having no planned place to escape, she found herself, her bags, and her baby on the doorsteps of her childhood home. Her parents welcomed her with open arms. She felt embarrassed that her dreams of a happy marriage did not work out, but she knew she could not give up.

She talked to a friend on the phone not long after she returned home, who mentioned that Chamomile Advertising was hiring. She was excited to hear it because she has a degree in Marketing but decided to wait until after the baby started school to pursue her career. She no longer had that luxury. Her friend told her not to get too excited because she heard that the boss was hard to work for. And that no one stays there for long. That said, Mya still needed that job.

So, she is determined to make this work.

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