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Meet Nancy - Workplace Mediation

Meet Nancy. She has been at Chamomile Advertising for five years. With the turnover rate being as high as it is, she believes that should make her a Senior Employee. Nancy relocated from Texas and believes every job she wants is hers. If she applies for a new position, she believes that it belongs to her. If someone else gets hired instead of her, Nancy will promptly tell them, "You took my job!" That has been Nancy's issue with everyone who has worked at Chamomile Advertising. She has relentlessly harassed or badgered each person in the line of succession until they decided to look elsewhere for employment. She is using the process of eliminating the competition to climb to the top.

Although Nancy does good work and doesn't need much instruction when new assignments are presented, her boss will not promote her because she lacks the appropriate interpersonal skills. She is rude to coworkers and clients without warning. By all appearances, Nancy thinks she's the boss.

Nancy plans to retire early and would like to climb the ladder at her job to have commendable accomplishments and a sizeable 401k. She cannot afford to allow anyone to steal her position or get a higher position than the one she has because every position above her is "her job." She needs to make herself invaluable by any means necessary. And now that Mya is getting praise, that's a problem that Nancy plans to solve. And she intends to use her other coworker, Mariah, to help her do it.

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