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Mya's Presentation Day - Workplace Mediation

Today Mya gives her 1st presentation at her new job. She has researched the information and repeatedly edited her presentation to make sure all of the information is correct. As a newly single mother, Mya does not feel she has the luxury of leaving anything to chance. She needs to "wow" her boss.

That won't be easy. Not only does it seem like her boss is temperamental but the workplace culture can seem a little hostile at times. Meanwhile, her baby is colicky, so she hasn't had much sleep. Her mother helps with the baby but being in a "starting over" situation with an infant and a new job where she doesn't feel welcomed is Adulting 2.0. She's tired, dealing with sadness, afraid to fail, but motivated.

Nancy is at the presentation (see Thursday's post). Along with their coworker Mariah. Nancy has told Mariah that Mya is trying to take her job. And unfortunately for Mya, Mariah believes her. But how does the boss feel about the presentation?

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