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Mya's Presentation Feedback - Workplace Mediation

Proud that she got through her presentation without becoming overwhelmed with emotions or forgetting key points, Mya feels accomplished but concerned about her projections. Her boss thought that Mya put on an impressive first presentation and is looking forward to seeing the numbers from the campaign Mya will lead.

Nancy pointed out that Mya could have mentioned more about why she chose one campaign over another and maintains that her presentation wasn't thorough enough because she didn't. Mariah has her own campaign to run, so she did not comment, but Nancy decided to push the issue. She followed Mya down the hall toward her office to press her on why she didn't consider other options, hoping that would make Mya unsure of her choice.

Mya is exhausted from getting little to no sleep, stressed because she's unsure what to do next, and pensive about launching her first campaign. When Nancy starts in on her, she snaps. "Would you leave me alone!" Nancy is stunned that the "new girl" would be so bold to respond to her with that tone. Mya continues to her office. She is very careful not to slam the door as she closes it.

What's Nancy's issue? We'll meet Nancy soon.

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