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Mya's 1st Week - Workplace Mediation

Updated: Aug 3

Mya is still getting settled in at work. Starting this new job feels like a new lease on life. She feels proud of herself and optimistic about the future for her and her baby. She feels like an empowered single woman. More than anything, she wants to do a good job. She wants to use the knowledge she's learned and sharpen her skillset in her new position.

But that might not be easy. The office procedures are not clearly stated, and the deadlines move closer without warning. As Mya reviewing the proposed advertising campaign, she notices her co-worker in her doorway...again. Nancy has stopped Mya from working several times to ask, "Is that my job?! Are you doing MY job?!"

Mya isn't sure, so she checks her job description, "No, it says here that this is my responsibility."

Nancy glares at her before leaving the room each time. Nancy then goes over to the desk of another co-worker Mariah, to gossip about Mya. Mya notices it but chooses not to address it further. She needs this job and has a presentation to prepare. It was supposed to be due next Friday, but it is now due this upcoming Monday. Mya works a second job on the weekends to make ends meet so she doesn't have any time to waste.

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