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Virtual Civil Mediation



Mediation is a collaborative and confidential process for problem-solving. It empowers the parties to control the outcome of their dispute by allowing them to design an agreement. In mediation at BMG, we use our skills, training, and technology to assist clients in focusing on the solution while maintaining a low-conflict process.

Our private mediation practice is guided by the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution (GODR).


We specialize in facilitating conversations designed to help you resolve your civil disputes privately, efficiently, and cost-effectively.



Our virtual mediation supports online video conferencing with document sharing for clients with high-speed internet access and a device with a camera.

Virtual Mediation

Empowering You
to Resolve Your Disputes Out of the Courtroom

Benefits of Virtual Mediation

Exploring Options

In mediation, the entire day is set aside (though you may not need it) to hear both parties' individual concerns in detail and allow you to explore multiple options without rushing you or pre-judging you.

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You Have Input on the Decision

Unlike a court decision, ordered by a judge based on the law's perspective, in mediation, the parties are empowered to reach their own solutions versus having outcomes determined by others.

When you mediate, you construct a resolution tailored to your current and future interests.

General Civil Mediation

maintaining relationships

Mediation allows the parties to address their issues and work together to design an agreeable short-term or long-term resolution. 

Virtual Mediation

No Courtrooms

Mediation allows your concerns to be settled privately (100% confidential) and from the comfort of your home, preserving your reputation. You can also avoid any unpleasantness of being forced to interact with (see or hear) the other party as the mediator is able to speak with both parties separately to maintain focus on the resolution. 

Workplace Mediation

Needed Options Remain Open

Participating in mediation does not interfere with the parties’ right to trial. Parties may stop a mediation at any time  and request that the case be placed on a trial calendar.

Alternative Dispute Resolution


Black Mediators Near Me

“Mediation made this process easier than I expected. Being able to focus on the resolution instead of arguing saved a lot of time and money.”


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