Family Mediation

If you and your spouse or family members are experiencing a conflict that the parties are interested in resolving out of court, family mediation can facilitate productive conversations leading to agreements designed with actionable steps to help you achieve your shared goals. We can facilitate low-conflict negotiations to help you create a legally-binding agreement from the comfort and privacy of home.
Family mediation is used to address:
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Property Division
  • Family Budgets
  • Small Business Succession
  • Elder Care
  • Distribution of Inherited Property
  • Other Family Issues

In this process, you have the freedom to choose to hire an attorney or design an agreement between yourselves.
Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

This process empowers you to make the best decisions on issues that matter most to you. You and your spouse design a legally binding agreement that is specific to your needs going forward.
We do not mediate cases with domestic or interpersonal violence.

Parenting Plan

Parenting Plan

Save time and stress going forward by creating a parenting plan that includes an agreement for the following responsibilities: medical care, child care fees, holidays, vacations, transportation arrangements, and more.

Top Ten Mediators

Alimony/Spousal Support

In the state of Georgia, the amount and duration of alimony is determined by multiple factors (e.g., length of marriage, income, etc.). The parties or a judge (if the parties cannot agree) can decide on the amount and duration of payments.

Divorce Mediation


Like divorce mediation, uncoupling facilitates conversations that help both parties resolve how to divide any shared purchases, living arrangements (e.g., leases), and any other concerns.

Child Support

Child Support - most recent state training

In the state of Georgia, child support is mandatory. The income of both parents are calculated using the Georgia Online Child Support Calculator along with other factors to determine monthly child support.

Pet Mediation

Pet Mediation

Our pets are a part of our family and uncoupling can allow both parties to create an agreement to continue providing for and spending time with your fur babies.