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Mediation Fees

Each party pays $75 per hour. We have a two-hour minimum scheduling policy. When you schedule your appointment, both parties will pay $150 per party to secure the two-hour minimum session. Any additional time needed will be added and paid at the end of the session.

Rescheduling and Cancelling a Session

When you schedule an appointment for a Mediation, we hold a Mediator’s time for you all day. This means we can’t book anyone else for that entire day with that Mediator. If you do not attend, we lose time and money. Cancelling three (3) business days in advance gives us a chance to reschedule the appointment.


After scheduling a session, you must notify the Bespoke Mediation Group, LLC within three (3) business days prior to your mediation date to cancel or postpone. All parties must agree to the rescheduling of the session. Failure to do so will result in your being charged for the cost of a late appointment change. The day of cancellation fee is $300. The day before cancellation fee is $150.

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