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  • Se'Lena Wingfield, Ph.D.

Navigating Conflicting Standpoints on the Subject of Children: A Journey to Cooperative Parenting

Dad helping a daughter garden
Cooperative Parenting

When it comes to raising children, couples often find themselves at odds due to differing beliefs and values. These conflicting standpoints can strain relationships and complicate the already challenging task of parenting. However, with the right strategies, these differences can be turned into opportunities for understanding, compromise, and effective co-parenting.

The Challenge of Conflicting Views

Partners often bring their own backgrounds and experiences to the table when discussing parenting. This can lead to clashes over issues like discipline, education, and religious upbringing. If left unaddressed, these conflicts can create tension and jeopardize the unity of the relationship.

Creating a Space for Discussion

Acknowledging and discussing these differences is the first step to finding common ground. Our marriage mediation program offers a neutral space where you and your partner can openly share your perspectives and concerns. Our mediators facilitate constructive conversations that promote active listening and empathy.

Through guided discussions, you'll have the chance to explore the reasons behind your differing viewpoints. This process can lead to better understanding and connection.

The Importance of Compromise

Effective co-parenting often requires finding middle ground. Compromise doesn't mean abandoning your values; it's about finding ways to honor both partners' perspectives. Our mediation program equips you with communication and negotiation skills that can help you collaborate on parenting decisions in a respectful way.

By embracing compromise, you and your partner can create a parenting approach that respects both of your wishes and benefits your children. This approach encourages teamwork and shared responsibility.

Working Towards Unified Parenting

Addressing conflicting parenting views is a journey that involves patience and a willingness to change. Through our marriage mediation program, you can transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and connection. By engaging in open dialogue and compromise, you can create a unified parenting vision.

Differing views don't have to fracture your relationship. Instead, they can lead to a stronger partnership. As you work together to find common ground and develop a shared parenting strategy, you'll create a harmonious environment for your children while strengthening your bond.


Conflicting parenting views are common, but they don't have to be a source of conflict. With the guidance of our marriage mediation program, you and your partner can turn these differences into opportunities for growth, compromise, and effective co-parenting. Embrace open dialogue and the power of compromise to develop a parenting approach that reflects both of your values. Start your journey towards unified parenting today by contacting us.


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